Payment & Security

Payment & Security

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You may choose from two payment options; via Paypal or internationally recognized credit/debit cards.

We only utilize and process payment using standard secure https connection and PCI-compliant payment gateways for your total protection. Your payment will be confirmed immediately. If you have any issues, please contact us immediately on



Your security is our priority. Shop and enjoy our safe and secure payment process!

Credit card information and other payment information is guaranteed confidential.

All your details are 100% safe. Worry not as we validate all credit and debit cardholders through authorization and security checks. We make sure that no fraudulent transactions will happen.



Enter your Discount Code upon checkout, click “Apply” and it will be automatically updated to your total cost.

Do note that only ONE (1) DISCOUNT CODE can be applied per transaction. Discount codes can not be used to purchase gift vouchers. 

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Should you encounter any discount code issues, let us know immediately at